Kaneff Golf

Corporate Memberships


KaneffGolf Corporate Executive Memberships are geared towards the corporate player who is usually entertaining guests or who is sometimes too busy to play and wants to extend golf privileges to clients or colleagues.

No initiation fee is required: you just pay for prepaid rounds in the form of corporate certificates from each respective course. KaneffGolf has six facilities spread across the Golden Horseshoe, and corporate certificates can be used at any of our facilities on a pro-rated ratio basis. Minimum purchase of 24 certificates from any respective course.

Cost per Round (including cart, taxes extra):

Lionhead (LH) $135.00
Royal Ontario (RO) $95.00
Royal Niagara (RN) $67.50
Carlisle (CAR) $67.50
Century Pines (CP) $50.00
Streetsville Glen (SVG) $35.00

Corporate Certificate Ratios

Foursome at LH = 6 x RO or 8 x CAR or 8 x RN
or 12 x CP
Foursome at RO = 3 x LH or 6 x CAR
or 6 x RN
or 8 x CP
Foursome at RN = 2 x LH or 4 x CAR or 3 x RO
or 6 x CP
Foursome at CAR = 2 x LH or 4 x RN or 3 x RO
or 6 x CP
Foursome at CP = 2 x LH or 3 x CAR
or 3 x RN
or 3 x RO
Foursome at SVG = 2 x LH or 3 x CAR
or 3 x RN or 3 x RO


Commonly Asked Questions About Corporate Executive Membership

Any card member may send out a guest to the course by notifying the course in advance. The member extending the privileges of the club to the guest shall be responsible for the conduct of that guest, and for any and all charges incurred by such guest.

Failure to cancel four days prior to the scheduled tee time will result in the applicable green fees being charged to the member's account. Cancellations will be confirmed via confirmation numbers - please retain this number as confirmation of your cancellations. The course reserves the right to book the course(s) for tournaments and other functions.

Dress Code:
The member and their guests must abide by the club's stated dress code.

Additional Rules for Corporate Executive Membership
The membership is non-transferable; however, substitutions can be made mid-season, if necessary, for a $50 administration fee.

What is your initiation fee?
At KaneffGolf courses, there is no initiation fee. At other courses, you can expect to pay up to $60,000 for initiation! You pay only for prepaid rounds.

Are there any restrictions to the number of times I can bring the same guest to the course?
Most private clubs only allow members to accompany the same guest a few times per season. At any of our courses, you can have the same guest play as many times as you like and there is no need to accompany them.

How can I be assured that I can get a tee time?
A common complaint at many private clubs is that it is difficult to get a tee time when you want to play golf. Most courses have this problem. Being a member of one of the Kaneff courses gives you a choice to play at five other courses if one is busy. Our courses all members to book in advance of public golfers.

What about tournaments at your courses?
Our courses enjoy a reputation for hosting successful high-profile special events. We are renowned for tournaments and the full services we provide. We will have some instances where there will be major tournaments; therefore, sometimes your course of choice will be busy that day. However, on these occasions you can choose from five of our other facilities to enjoy your round. Tournaments are a great revenue source for us; hence the reason there are no large initiation fees for our memberships.


Corporate Gift Cards

Gift cardAny denomination up to $10,000

Buy a Corporate Gift Card and experience all that KaneffGolf can offer. Redeemable for anything we sell, from golf lessons to greenfees, corporate lunches to high end Executive Meetings. Flexible, no expiry, fully transferable and good at all of our properties. All purchasers of the gift cards will become preferred clients and receive special greenfee discounts.

Please contact our sales department for invoicing or questions on the program at sales@kaneffgolf.com or (905) 455-8700.