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Golf Etiquette

The following rules and regulations are designed to maintain decorum and to remind our guests that golf is an honourable sport and should be played as such. All members and guests are expected to understand and adhere to the rules and regulations listed below. This will assist us in providing the best possible golfing experience for all. Please refer to our professional staff for clarification if needed.

  1. During the golf season, the course is open from dawn to dusk each day. On Sundays, ranges (where applicable) will close for maintenance three (3) hours before dusk.
  2. All players must register in the Pro Shop before beginning play. Starting point for all play is number one tee, unless permission from the Pro Shop or starter to commence elsewhere is granted. Continuing groups have priority of play. Unless special permission is granted by management, the maximum number of players in a group will be 4. The golf course has the right to combine twosomes, threesomes and singles in order to maximize a tee-time. Should a single golfer, twosome or threesome wish to not have golfers added to their tee time, then they must book for and pay fully for a foursome regardless of how many golfers actually play in the group. Golf carts are to be shared.
  3. The practice facility is available for public use. Personal practice balls are not allowed. Range balls are available for sale in the Pro Shop, and are to be used on the range, and not to be picked up or removed from the driving range. Any Member or guest having in their possession and/or playing golf with range balls shall be removed from the course.
  4. Golf carts are not to be used by more than two passengers. Only two golf bags are permitted on a golf cart at any time. You must have a valid driver’s license to operate the cart. A cart waiver must be signed before playing your round of golf. Except for special times, pre-scheduled by management, power cart use is mandatory at Lionhead and Royal Ontario 7 days a week and at Carlisle on weekends only prior to 4pm and is subject to appropriate fees. Carts must be returned to the staging area after use and are not to be left in the parking lot. Carts must only be used for rounds of golf (touring or golf ball collecting is not permitted).
  5. Users of power carts must follow paths and adhere to directional signs and cart rule of the day. Power carts are not to be driven within 30 yards of the greens, aprons and shoulders unless they are on the cart path. Carts shall not be driven within 5 yards of tees or sand traps except where the paths are within that distance.
  6. All players must observe the directions of the professional staff, starters and/or marshals.
  7. Proper golf attire must be worn on the golf course, driving range, and practice areas at all times (no tee shirts, tank tops, jeans, cut-offs, etc.).Acceptable foot-wear includes soft-spiked golf shoes or rubber soled sport shoes.
  8. Each golfer must play with a bag and a set of clubs. Bags & clubs are available for rent in the Pro Shop for those individuals who do not have their own set.
  9. The Head Golf Professional, General/Operations Manager or Course Superintendent are authorized to determine when the golf course is unfit for golf play or use of golf carts due to weather conditions or course maintenance programs.
  10. Rain-check policy for guests: between holes 1 and 6 a full 18-hole rain-check will be issued, between holes 7 through 12 a 9 hole rain-check will be issued, if you tee off on the 13th tee no rain-check will be issued. Course management, at their discretion, will determine if conditions warrant a rain-check. Further, if the weather radar or forecast indicates the probability of playable weather within the hour, rain-checks will not be issued. Rain-checks for discounted round rates shall be prorated.
  11. Children: For safety reasons, children 14 years of age or under are not to be out on the property without a parent, or other responsible adult, present. Parents must assume the responsibility of children’s behaviour while on the club premises. Children must be 16 years or older with a valid drivers license to operate a golf cart.
  12. Any member or guest who willfully, un-willfully or through negligence, damages golf course property or neighbouring property will incur costs of repairs or replacement and is subject to suspension or termination of privileges. All property damage, whether intentional or not is to be reported to the Pro Shop upon the conclusion of the round or earlier.
  13. Damages caused to personal property on site, unless directly attributable to the actions of a golf course employee, are not the responsibility of the golf course or KaneffGolf.
  14. Illegal drugs are not allowed on golf course property. The proper authorities will be notified of any illegal activity. Also, alcohol NOT purchased through the golf course liquor license is prohibited by law from being brought onto the golf course property. Illegal alcohol will be confiscated and be disposed of by golf course staff. The golf course has the right to eject anyone who is in possession of illegal substances or who refuses to allow their bags to be searched for such substances.
  15. Pursuant to the Smoke-Free Ontario Act (via Ontario Regulation 206/14) smoking is not permitted in the clubhouse or patios. Please be courteous with your cigarette/cigar butts. Remember, cigarette butts are not biodegradable and blemish the landscape. Flowerpots and divot sand buckets are not ashtrays.
  16. Starting times may be reserved in advance by calling the respective Pro Shops or by booking online at Golfers who abuse the starting time privilege by not showing up or showing up with fewer golfers than reserved shall be subject to golf charges for such absentees and/or loss of privileges. Cancellations and reduction in numbers must be received at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled tee time. You must call the respective Pro Shop to receive your cancellation number. Should there be any discrepancy, you will be required to provide your cancellation number for verification.
  17. All beginner golfers not having established handicaps, or golfers having handicaps over 39 may be limited to the hours of play as established from time to time by the Golf Professional.
  18. Lockers, where provided, are available for day use only. Items left in lockers overnight will be removed. Do not leave valuables (wallets, jewelry, electronics, etc.) in the lockers. KaneffGolf is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  19. Courtesy towels, where provided, are for locker-room use only and are prohibited from use on the course.
  20. Members and guests are reminded not to leave golf bags or personal belongings unattended on golf course property. KaneffGolf is not responsible for lost or stolen property. Lost & Found: Found items will be stored up to a maximum of 60 days. Found items must be clearly described by the claimant in order for the item to be released. KaneffGolf is not responsible for the release of claimed items.
  21. KaneffGolf is not liable for items that are lost or stolen on site. It is the responsibility of the individual or event to care for the security of their items.
  22. For maintaining your handicap, RCGA rules govern all play except where modified by local rules that are posted on the scorecard or website. If you are not maintaining a handicap, in order to maximize your enjoyment please modify rules as you see fit.
  23. It is the responsibility of all golfers to study and know the rules and etiquette of golf and exhibit good sportsmanship at all times. If you are unsure of the proper etiquette, please ask one of our golf operations staff who will be more than happy to offer you guidance. Instances of any breach of rules and or etiquette should be reported to the marshal on duty, or the golf professional. Golfers showing disrespect to fellow players through gross violation of etiquette (i.e. failure to rake sand traps after use, failure to repair ball marks and replace or sand divots, etc.) shall be removed from the course. Members or guests exhibiting such disrespectful behaviour shall be subject to suspension or termination of membership or playing privileges.
  24. Golfers are expected to maintain pace of play. Groups failing to maintain the pace of play will be moved forward.
  25. Valid Membership cards must be presented for all member account transactions.
  26. Golfers must take all reasonable precautions to play safely, and are fully responsible for personal injury and/or property damage caused by their golf shots.
  27. Management may, from time to time, amend the rules and regulations.

WARNING: In our naturalized areas, there are perennial plants, common to North America, such as poison ivy or stinging nettle that, when contacted, can cause skin irritation. Proceeding into un-groomed areas on the course is not advised and is at one’s own risk.

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